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Euromillions Lottery , a world wide known lottery which is played in nine countries in Europe. have put together this page for you to learn what  Euromillion is all about. Review how it’s played now and you’ll find out where the best places to play Euromillions are!

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Launched on 7th February 2004, Euromillions quickly became the latest must play lottery. With draws taking place on Tuesdays and Fridays every week, a minimum guaranteed jackpot of £14 million which could roll over up to £165 million, it’s clear why euromillions is the frontrunner in the lottery world.

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How to Play and Win Euromillions

Players can win the Euromillions jackpot by selecting five main numbers and two lucky stars numbers and if you match all your numbers you win the jackpot! The Euromillions jackpot varies from draw to draw but the jackpot will always be a minimum of £14 million, however, a capped maximum of around £165 million applies.


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Euromillions players can also use number generators to generate a random selection of lottery numbers to play Euromillions with. have got you covered as here we show you all the best online lottery sites to play Euromillions at! In addition, players can pick up welcome bonuses on arrival.

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How to Play and Win Millionaire Maker

Every time a player buys a line on a ticket, they also receive a randomly generated and unique Millionaire Maker code. On the same night as the main draw, two codes are selected, and guarantee those at home whose codes match, a win of £1 Million. Get your ticket now!

Players looking for winning code combinations can easily find them alongside the normal winning numbers results of that night’s Euromillions draw. It’s a supplementary game to the main draw that guarantees more big winners, so as a result, player satisfaction is sky high!

Euromillions Prizes

This great lotto has thirteen prize tiers with the values of each tiers prizes dependant on; the number of lottery tickets sold, and the number of winners in each of those tiers. The more number you match in your lottery results, the higher tier prize you will be collecting.

The very lucky Aaron Smith and his family had their light-hearted fantasy turned into reality one Christmas. Believe it or not, their family game of pretending to be lottery winners was a game no more when they realised that Aaron had actually won £1 Million on the Millionaire Maker!

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Lotto winner Derek Ladner from Cornwall had historically played the same lotto numbers every single week. One week he couldn’t quite remember if he had played his regular numbers, and went do to his local retailer and put his usual on. It actually turned out that Derek had won two shares of the jackpot winner him a staggering £958.284!

Online Lotto Draw Result

On most online lottery ticket platforms, a standard feature with any purchase is notification upon winning. Euromillions retailers will send their players an email letting them know that their numbers have matched the winning draw. Players who didn’t buy their ticket online will find there are plenty of lottery results checkers on the web to use manually.

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These days it’s getting easier and easier for all of us to access our favourite online lottery draws, so here at we have compiled all of the best places you can play this great lottery. Therefore, players can click straight through to the great lotto sites available!

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